How to INTENSIFY your Sex Life in Seconds !! Conclusion

The look is the final element, because it is without a doubt the most important element to INTENSIFYING your SEX life.

Looking in this scenario implies that both parties involved in the sexual act take IN the look. The look, doesn’t just mean a quick glance at your partner, it refers to taking an extra few seconds to deeply look at who you are with and soak it in.

How do you do this? For the most part, it is important to look at your partner directly in the eyes right after and/ or during the sexual act. Gaze intently and inquisitively into each other’s eyes. Think about what he or she is thinking. Look deep, and ask yourself why this person means something to you. Allow yourself to internally answer the questions while you look at your partner. Try to remember the reason why you love this person, or why you are attracted to this person. Remind yourself of how you met, or how you both got to where you are now. Allow yourself to internalize the answer, and I guarantee while you are looking, and internally thinking of an answer some sort of laughter, or smirk will appear on your face.  That smirk, will then be followed with one of you questioning what the laughter is about, and eventually lead to an answer, which will lead to a nice conversation. Ladies may say something similar to this:  “I was just remembering the first time we met. . . ”, and that memory is a great opportunity for you both to rekindle shared moments (whatever they are), and utilize them to inadvertently intensify your sex life.

In sum, intensify your sex life by looking deeply into your partner’s eyes, internally asking yourself a question, and internally answering it. Soon you will realize that this random conversation right after sex is based off a look, which led to a thought, which led to a laugh, which then led to a whole rekindling of past memories.

This one look will enable both of you to build a stronger connection, intensify your sexual life, and nevertheless a stronger emotional connection.

Enjoy using the slow, speak, stay, and look method to intensifying your SEX life with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner.

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