How to Ask a Guy on a Date Without Looking Desperate? Conclusion

Now that your confidence is boosted and your focus is on your man, the final step asking the guy out. You have already made it known, and ignored what everyone else has to say about what you want to do; now it’s time to make the move.

How do you approach the subject? Better off, how do you ask him? What do you say?

The answer is simple, but it all comes down to execution. Here goes:

Find a time when you know your man will be free. Whether a Thursday night, or a time that you’ll be around his neighborhood. I recommend breakfast Sunday morning.lets not forget football starts at one PM. So, if the guy you like is into football, or isn’t be sure the “date” ends before then. The key is to be casual but memorable.

In addition, you need to plan it but not make it seemed planned. Hence, ask that morning. Call him or text and say something like “I’m near your neighborhood up for breakfast?”

No guy will turn down food. The ease in the way you ask will enable it to be subtle yet known, but not desperate.

Remember a lady never wants to look desperate. So, make it seem last minute although you may have planned a place and time before hand keep it casual.

The next thing you know you’ll have him all to yourself eating breakfast. It may sound quick but it will leave an impression in his mind of you. You may have caught him by surprise, and he may just continue thinking about you during the Sunday games.

Remember: simplicity, causal, leave breakfast before one PM, make it somewhere easy for him to go to, and your golden.

For more sexy tips stay tuned….

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