How to ask a guy out on a date without looking desperate?

Well times are changing, and women that are getting older, are not getting any younger. Men can be oblivious to everything and sometimes do not even realize if a woman even likes them or is “into them”.

So below are some cues to ladies to take initiative, not in bed, but outside the bedroom and see if you can finally snatch your guy up, grab the courage and ask a guy on a date:

The three steps to asking a guy on a date are below:

1.       Make it be known.

2.       Ignore others.

3.       Conquer your prize and ask.

Firstly, make it be known to your crush, by letting him know in a very quiet, playful manner. How? First, you must get your eyes aligned with his. You need to make that eye contact fierce. Find a time, to get him to look at you, stay quiet, do not say anything, and just look at him from the corner of your eye. Give him a look that lasts more than a few seconds.  Then, you will have him question himself inside, is she looking at me? Once you have given him that stare, with that little smirk, and not said a thing; half the battle is over.

Men, when a woman gives you that look DON’T ignore it. Let her hypnotize you, and you will see how her initiative will take you over not only outside the bedroom, but inside the bedroom as well.

The next step, to asking a guy out without looking desperate, and maintaining your sexy side, will be unfolded next….

Stay tuned to find out how to ask a guy out on a date, and keep him all for yourself.. .

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