How FOOTBALL and SEX have more in common than you think??? Conclusion

Hut, hut, hike. The last secret to turning your football Sunday into hot sex is: sports. What do I mean by sports? Well, keep those sporty vibes going physically with your attire, the way you look, and psychologically, by keeping that laid back casual sporty attitude.

Men, after recognizing that your partner has shown spirit for the game, you either think it’s cute that she’s trying to understand the game, or you are completely smitten on her attitude towards you while she let you feel guilt free watching football.
Now, it’s time for the catch. Take those feelings, and make your way to the bedroom. Try carrying her over, recognize her effort by telling her what you think, then playfully throw her on top of the bed and take her by surprise. Be playful, and flirty. As for the ladies, always remember football isn’t about makeup and getting all fancy. Stay sporty. No makeup, shorts and t-shirt, and the laid back you is more than enough. The casual vibe is always super sexy to ANY man. You will be amazed to see, a whole new undiscovered sexy side from your partner. It’s called appreciation sex. Believe it or not your casual, sport-like behavior (by letting him relax, and showing football spirit) has gotten him fixed on mounting you since the kickoff.
Try it, and see for yourselves, the positive results. Trust me, the laid-back sporty you will see results not ONLY in the bedroom, but in his everyday demeanor towards you.

So remember, if you want that fun, steamy FOOTBALL and SEX combo, take a step back, have a sporty spirit, and stay sporty with your attitude. Take these steps, and you both are bound to have one killer touchdown in bed!

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